Plomari Taxi Express


Plomari is located at the central part of southern Lesvos. At first it was named Potamos (river) because of its river Sedountas.

Plomari was built in the middle of the 19th century when its inhabitants, not having the fear of pirates any more, decided to leave Megalohori (which was characterised as the old Plomari) and go down to the “wet valley” as the Wise Veniamin had told them to.

Indeed, that wet valley had many thinks to offer them. Up to the first quarter of the 20th century Plomari grew as much in the industrial, as in the commercial section.

Navals from all over the Aegean Sea were buing ships from the shipyards of Plomari and its soap industries were suplying the whole Mediterannean. As a result of all these,its navals travelled from the west of Mediterannean up to the Pont.

In 1922, because of the Smirni Destruction, the transcaction between Plomari and the Turkish Coasts stopped, and that was bad for the commerce and production of the area. Nevertheless, as the years went by, Plomari – mostly because of the increasement of tourism – managed to succeed a progress in the economic and cultural sections. Above all, Plomari has maintained a very unique characteristic, especially because of its high quality: Ouzo of Plomari, the famous greek ouzo which is the first of its species up to now.